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Ok, ok, we're never finished.  No pictures to update, but we are working on a bunch of stuff on the Votus right now.  It's only 11° outside right now, so driving the car isn't too much fun. 

We've pulled the motor out to replace the output seal and the clutch.  We've also put in new seals/gaskets all over the place - oil pan, front, distributor, valve cover, you name it.  It has been leaking a ton of oil, and we're tired of spending money on Mobil1.  We also discovered that the carbs had two completely different springs above the pistons.  That should help explain the difficulty in tuning. 

We're also plannning on putting in a limited-slip differential, getting a new steering wheel, and getting some new shocks for the rear.  Updates will come soon...


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Here's the finished product.  What thinks ye?

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